The stages are an essential meeting point for the AR group. In them all athletes, both elite and those of age groups, meet to share and share training sessions.


These days are especially useful for me to know the concerns of each one of you, solve doubts and work together technical aspects.


The stages, like all AR activities, are planned considering the different levels of the athletes and the disciplines to work so that all optimize and assimilate the scheduled training sessions.

The technique is the
basis of all evolution.

Improving technique is to optimize resources, save effort and gain performance. AR clinics are a custom work space, tailored to your needs and 100% configurable.


There are no two equal clinics. All are individually programmed, tailored to your levels and goals.


AR clinics are dynamic work sessions that allow for improvisation and adaptation of the session to influence all those exercises in technique, strength and coordination essential for improving training.


The clinics are taught in small groups of 4 athletes to dedicate to each of them the attention necessary for their full use.


Understanding what we do, but above all why we do it, that is real value that I try to convey and in it I deeply implied.

Technical advice,
with side effects.

Open to any athlete interested in improving. Periodically we organize group sessions of specific training by discipline. For 2 hours we worked technical aspects of easy assimilation but with a huge practical impact. They are those small details that in internalize them generate great results.