Each athlete in AR is a unique profile
which evolves individually
in a collective method.

Team work
Helps to overcome.
Share; this is the
philosophy in ARteam.

Anna Godoy.
Spanish Champion Sprint distance
2ª championship of Spain Olympic distance

To perfect
the technique.
Insist for
the effort.

Genís Grau.
4º Copa de Europa
de Barcelona 2020

Evaluate the
the objective way
to see my progression.

Alberto González.
Campeón de España
Absoluto 2020

Your training
and your goal.
Understand that today
is part of the whole season.

In AR we are a group of athletes from different disciplines, levels and age groups who share a single objective: to improve our preparation in an efficient way, rigorously working the technique and the individual capacities of each one.


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Anna Godoy

  • 2ª Copa de Europa de Barcelona 2020
  • Campeona de España triatlon Sprint 2020
  • 45 ITU World Rankin 2020
  • Campeona PRO TOUR 2019
  • Campeona de España 2016 Triathlon Esprint
[image_hover target=»_blank» image=»16691″ hover_image=»16690″ link=»https://www.instagram.com/genisgrau/»]

Genis Grau

  • 4º Copa de Europa de Barcelona 2020
  • 7º Copa del Mundo de Karlovy Vary
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Alberto González

  • Campeón de España Sprint SUB-23 2020
  • Campeón de España Absoluto 2020
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Eva Wutti

  • Campeona IM Austria 2017
  • Campeona Challenge Alemania distancia IM 2018
  • 3ª 70.3 Barcelona
[image_hover target=»_blank» image=»16270″ hover_image=»16273″ link=»https://www.instagram.com/koraxan/»]

Judith Corachán

  • Campeona de España 2016 de Media Distancia
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Victor del Corral

  • Ganador IronMan de Niza 2016